Network slows to a crawl when my tablet is in use

Well, just as the title says, my internet connection slows to a slug covered in molasses in january when my tablet is online.

We have a 50 megabit (6.2 megabytes) wireless connection (of which we see around 2.5 megs down to 4.5 megs down) and whenever my tablet goes online to watch netflix, or even just surf the internet, the speed on all of the other devices drops to sub 100k.

I have Comcast, we have their gateway device which is a modem and router in one. I hate it, but it's what they had for us.

It's a b/g/n connection, and my wifi dongle is N, and the tablet is also b/g/n/ supported. When I watch netflix on my xbox though, it doesn't drop my speed, or when I watch it on my main computer, it doesn't affect the tab or the xbox.

So what is it about a tablet that is just killing my speeds. We have a fast enough connection that it shouldn't drop it to sub 100k. Sometimes, I can't even load a single webpage. It'll just time out.

Any ideas?
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  1. I apologize for bumping, but does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?
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