Cant install java windows 7 x64 nt kernel & system is stopping install

NT Kernel & System rises to top of list in task manager and then just totally stops installs from proceeding. I have fought NT Kernel & System on 3 computers running Win 7 x64 ever since Win 7 has been out. No one yet that I know of has been able to solve the issue. I now need to install Java and can't because of NT Kernel & System stops it. I have tried everything on every forum and sites l find with Google searches. Nothing has worked yet. I hope you folks are the first to solve the issue and I am not the only person having this issue. They are everywhere. Please advise if you can solve the problem. Thank you.

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  1. right click on the java installation exe file and select "run as administrator"
  2. I did that as I always run installs as administrator. The NT Kernel & System has been a big pain for a couple of years now and I have seen tons of post and suggested fixes for it but none of them has worked for me and the same claim on all the forms etc. including Microsoft's forum and site as well. As far as I know there either isn't a fix for it or no one has been able to find it yet. I appreciate your response to and suggestion on trying to help me fix the issue. If you have any more ideas I am willing to try them. Thanks again...
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