How to transfer photos from ipad to windows computer

How do I transfer phoots from my ipa or iPhone5 to a windows 7 computer?
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  1. probably need to install iTunes
  2. Connect iPad to computer first. Make sure that iPad to computer connection is needed.Choose Files for iPad Transferring.Open "Photo" or "Camera" option under iPad, you will get iPad picture files. Then you are offered with three ways to select iPad photos for transferring Transfer Pictures from iPad to Computer.Transfer Pictures from iPad to Computer.After picture selection, just start to transfer iPad photos through these three ways: First, drag the files to your computer folder directly with this program. Second, right click on the chosen files and "Transfer to" your computer. Third, click on the "Transfer" button and choose to transfer to computer on the "Transfer to list".
  3. Go on your PC to Computer and there you will see your iPad as an external drive, open it to find the folders with photos.

    You can also try a reset of the iPad when connected to your computer to see if it will be recognized; Keep the Powerbutton and the Home button pressed at the same time until you see the Apple logo on your iPad screen.

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    Hope it helps.
  4. Use iTunes or wifi transfer.
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