Please Help! Extremly Frustrated!

Hi, I just put together this new system.

AMD Athlon XP2100+
Asus A7N8X Motherboard
Corsair 256MB RAM
WD 40GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
MSI Geforce4 TI4200 64MB Video Card
SB Audigy Sound
Aopen 56K Modem
WinXP Home

My problem is that the stupid hard drive light is constintly blinking. It does this every second, even when the computer is at idle. I tried formatting and reloading windows, shutting down stuff in the task manager, I tried everything and it keeps doing it. I am very frustrated because I just spent major cash on this system and all I can see is that stupid little hard drive light blinking in the corner of my eye. It's extremly annoying. It is also extremly embarassing, people think i bought a piece of junk. Please Help! Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. is this the light on the hdd, or the hdd activity light on the comp case? if its on the hdd, just ignore it and dont worry about it, theres nothing you can do. if its on the case, disconnect the plug for te led form the mobo. my hdd light on my case is always on, i dont care, i just ignore it.
  2. First make sure the leads for the LED are connected to the proper pins on the motherboard. If' you're sure of their placement, then see if you can reverse the plug.

  3. WinXP has some services run background as well as System Restore monitors all changes in your system, and, of course, some applications such as Virus SCan that can access your HD.
    Anyway, Do you notice any slow down in your comp?

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  4. if it irritates you then unplug the hdd led from the mobo. that should fix the problem. windows xp does have some services that run in the background, here is a link to a page that shows the basic functions of most of the services, you can disable them by going to control panel-administrative tools-services

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  5. I forgot to mention that the light stops blinking when I boot to dos. I'm thinking it definatley is xp. Thanks for all the replies, but unfortunatley it still keeps blinking.
  6. does it do it when you boot to safe mode?
    try to isolate what is cauzing it: i.e. disable anything and everything that is running in the background. Use task manage to terminate all you can.

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  7. just reinstall the thing, and after you put those programs that you have, just watch, what will coase the blinking after install, have fun.

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  8. I have the answer for you-install more RAM. Half of what you have is used just to BOOT the thing, XP is a RAM hog. Now, while your memory might not be at 100% use right now, you'll probably see that the amount used by Windows goes UP when you install more RAM. Why? XP tries to take advantage of the amount of RAM you have by caching as many frequently used files as it can. Some of those are probably being used off your hard drive now that might get used off RAM if you install more.

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  9. Who cares about that tiny flash light,just turn it off if it is really that annoying!
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