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I am trying to get some music from an audio tape onto a CD via my PC. I can record the music onto my HDD using Creative's Recorder. I just connect up a tape recorder to the mic socket on my PC.The first problem is when I play it back it sounds awful, really bad quality with loads of background noise. Much worse than it sounds when played on the tape recorder.

I believe there is a piece of software that came with my soundcard (Audigy DE) that can remove the background noise but I've looked through all the software that came with the soundcard & can't find any that can do this job.

Does anyone know which piece of software can do this? Also, does anyone have any tips for doing what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Pulling from tapes not going to sound to great to begin with, but if you're using a portable tape player make sure you set the volume to around 80% of max. Too high and you'll be clipping, too low and all you'll get is static.

    Check the sound level for your mic input as well. Same logic applies.

    Don't know about the Creative software, but most CD burning suites have built-in apps for analog audio extraction with hiss and pop filters.

    I've used Nero, works pretty good.

  2. I have done it and the sound is great, I have a audigy card too
    Use a quality tape player and wire make sure your mike is turned off too. Those are the two most important things.
    the sofware will help alittle got to creative wave studio
    import the song and then you can do stuff to it
  3. ok, thanks all, I'll try what you suggest tonight.

    One thing that I discovered is that the music sounds awful because I was using the Mic-in socket. Now I'm using the line-in socket , it sounds much better.

  4. Yah, do not use the MiC In! Make sure your recording levels are not too high also.

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  5. Hi all,

    Ok, all done, worked a treat. I used Creatives Wave Studio. for some reason there was no icon present so I had to search for it on my HDD.

    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it. Happy New Year to you all.

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