How to sync some folders of 2 computers?

Hey guys,

I have a question, I want to sync some folders of my office computer with my computer at home.
Which is the best method to do this? I know one solution is to save the files in the cloud, but I don't want to save my files on any other server.
I think another method is to do this with a local ftp server, e.g. on my NAS but is this secure?
Are there any other methods or rather is the ftp method a good idea?

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  1. based on the folder this question is in, Do you have a VPN connection setup? if so a simple FTP would be secure but there are secure ftp options out there and if your worried about security choose a non standard port to use. If you dont have VPN, your going to need to make sure your office connection can open up a port for use and same thing at home. There are 3rd party solutions that encrypt data during the transfer and while data is stored so there would be very minimal security risk. Just do your research if you go this route because some freebies transfer data clean and open but just store it encrypted
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