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Hi all,
Basically, I have purchased a modem router (Play Max N600 HD [F7D4401uk]), to turn my university internet (Which comes through an RJ45) into a wifi spot.
I previously had an F5D8236-4 v2, which worked fine, but this had an RJ45 WAN port, where as the "N600" has an RJ11 port.

Is it as simple as buying an "RJ45 to RJ11" cable?
I'm a little lost.

Thanks everyone in advance,
Lambro :)
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  1. That is an ADSL2+ modem and router combination, not just a router. You cannot just use an adapter -- the RJ11 only has one twisted pair. Ethernet (RJ45) uses two pair.
  2. So what do I need to make this router work with this system?
    Thanks a lot. :)
  3. It would need to support using the WAN modem port as an Ethernet WAN port -- if it is RJ11 it cannot do that. You could configure it as a wireless AP by using one of the LAN ports, but then you have no NAT (routing capability) so cannot connect multiple devices.

    Bottom line, I don't know that you can use that model as a router without a DSL connection.

    Can you return it and get a wireless router, instead?
  4. Okay that makes much more sense now.
    Yeah I'd need the NAT to be working.
    Yeah I could return it for something else, I just need something that's just as good, in terms of specifications.

    So do 'Routers' use RJ45 ports...and 'Modem Routers' use RJ11 ports?
  5. Yes, the combination ADSL router/modem uses RJ11, while a regular router will have an RJ45 WAN port. I use a lot of these and they work well:
  6. Ah right, thanks.
    Yeah that looks quite good! Although I'm also looking for dual band networking, and guest network capabilities.
    I'll definitely go for that if I can't find what I'm looking for tied into one.
    Thanks again. :)
  7. If you go with dual band, I'd go with simultaneous dual band. I've used a couple of these and they worked well:
  8. Yeah that's what I meant sorry, simultaneous dual band.
    Hmm, that's great then! I'll look at my options, and before buying, I'll just post the router I want on here first to make sure it's a good one! Haha.
  9. Sorry to bring this up again, but will an F7D4301 work? (Cable router)
    Thanks! :)
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