[Windows 7] Scandisk corrupted my hard drive

I recently installed Windows 7 x64. When I plugged in my external USB drive, it brought up the scan disk box and said I should check for errors. Ran it, and later I found some of my folders/files were corrupted. Tried a couple unerase utilities to get my critical info back, and failed. So, I ran scandisk again. Now almost all the files read as corrupted and it asks me to format the hard drive. Help!
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  1. I've never seen scandisk every ruin anything, but anything is possible.

    First two ideas
    #1. HD was about to fail anyway
    #2. Scandisk exposed a problem and exasperated the issue when trying to fix it.
  2. Any suggestions on how I can get my information back?
  3. get some good recovery software, it may help.

    stellar phoenix,EASEUS Data recovery
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