Help !! No sound , Windows 7 using Soundmax

Hello evryone :

i decide to use Windows 7 because many people advice me if i have a good graphic card must have a good windows , so i installed Win 7 , and when i installed driver for Nvidea i have automatily Audio HD drivers ( for HDMI ) but i'm not using HDMI so i installed the driver of Soundmax because i have DC 5800 , and after restaring my system that didn't fix the problem and still have no sound ...
So can enyone help me ....... Please

And thank you :love:

( Using DC 5800 microtower )
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  1. My specs are :

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 2.33 GHz
    Ram : 4,00 Go
    System 32 Bits ( Windows 7 )

    is that your model of your desktop?? if it is did you install the mb chipset drivers then the adi sound drivers??
    also is your speakers in the right port on the back of the desktop. sometime the port is green color to help people know that it the speaker out. if you having hard time put an audio cd or an mp3 if you cant read the ports.
  3. Okey thank you i will install ADI , before i have sound , but the problem is the integreted Audio is not working and even now i have sound but not to maximum its kind low
  4. See if this can help: No sound in Windows
  5. Thank you Smorizio that helped me and there is sound now , thank you WR2 too

    I fixed the problem when i have vista and Win XP , but i didn't though that there is drivers for win 7 in the same site for HP
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