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I have a Shuttle SV25 computer (one of those little cube ones), and I think the power supply is about to go. (Never quiet, it now makes alarmingly loud buzzes and clatters, especially when starting up.) Where can I buy a replacement PSU? It's a teeny thing, 150 watts, much smaller than a regular SFX, and it's in the front of the cube, with a cable connecting to the socket on the back. The Shuttle website is of exactly no help. PC Power and Cooling doesn't carry them. I have an email into Any other ideas? Has anyone had a similar problem?
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  1. its just the fan thats going bad. if you are adventurous you can crack it open and replace it. but i got no idea where to get a replacement. maybe you could buy a new case and use the psu from it. then ebay the case.

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  2. If I'm right it is a Mini ATX PSU. The board uses regular ATX powerconnector and the Flex ATX board lay-out. According to a review of such a mini system they use a Mini ATX PSU.

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