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I had onboard sound until i got the audigy gamer. I uninstalled the drivers as well as the ghost drivers. installed the drivers that came with the cd. I dont get any sound(that i know of) other than when I: test direct sound or open up one of the programs that creative litters your desktop with. Winamp, windows media player, as well as Age of Mythology dont have sound. What's odd though is, i uninstalled the onboard sound drivers one time and tried to player Age of Mythology, AoM came up with a message box that said there was no sound. That doesn't come up when i try to play AoM despite not having sound. When i tried to install the newest drivers there was an illegal operation in the program. When I go to the device manager it shows up there. I am either retarded because I cant find anything in my BIOS having anything to do with sound or my BIOS doesnt let you un-enable onboard sound in the BIOS. My BIOS version is ASUS A7V333 ACPI BIOS Revision 1011. I am running windows 98. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. If these programs were installed prior to adding the Audigy, they're probably still looking for the onboard sound. You'll have to go into each program and change the setting to point to the device you want to use. Example: I can have WinAmp play to the integrated sound card (I also have the ASUS A7V333), to my MOTU 828 external audio device, or even to my USR voice modem, depending on what I have it set to.


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