SBlive crashes x c-media onboard

i have a soyo dragon + and a sound blaster live value card, my system freezes, locks until i take the soundcard of, i can use the c-media 6 channels in the manual says " it utilizes the STATE-OF-THE-ART CRL 3D audio technology (HRTF 3D positional audio), and supports microsoft directsound 3d and aureal A3D interfaces, etc.... I think using my onboard will finish my problems, but what about the quality of sound is as good as the soundblaster live? it will decrease the performance on games (using CPU or i dont know)
Sorry about some stupidy questions but i really dont know what to do, any ideas will be appreciated. By the way changed the OS 98 to Win ME (it was not a good idea), changed the via 4 in 1 drivers 4, 5 different versions, changed my video GF 4 mx 440 nothin solve the problem
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  1. Did u disable the onboard audio in the bios? Dont put the soundcard in pci slot 1 - next to the agp slot. Heard people talk of irq conflicts. Besure to remove the drivers for the onboard audio before u install the soundcard also.
  2. Well, my soundcard was on the 4th slot after the agp. When i put on the 1st or 2nd slot my computer dont even booted, it crashes during inicialization, my lan card is on 2nd slot. My onboard audio is disabled in the bios, and i never instaled the onboard audio drivers, but if it is the only way i will quit and use onboard audio, but i dont know if the onboard audio quality is good or if it will use my cpu a lot. Thanks anyway
  3. (Cough)via(Cough). As problematic as the SBLive was, the truely horrible problems occured when paired with a VIA chipset, the same chipsets that can't run about half a dozen other souncards.

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  4. This chipset "via" has problems with other brands besides creative? what about "Genius Sound Maker"? or "turtle beach"(more expensive)? will i have same problems??
  5. It had problems with Vortex2 cards such as the Montego II and MX300 (there were other Vortex2's, all problematic for VIA) and some OptiSound cards. All of these cards are no longer in production though. I know the Santa Cruz DOES work on VIA chipsets with a great improbability of bugs.

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  6. I am betting that the motherboard is using a C-media 8738 audio controler. This isn't a bad solution and is WAY better then a AC97 codec, it is equal to (and in some cases better then) the SB Live. It supports EAX 1,2 A3D, MacroFX and ZoomFX via the Sensaura 3D API. Audio quality isn't too bad, and C-media has quite good drivers. CPU usage will be higher then the Live, but I don't think it will be noticeable...

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