Again, Win 7 doesn't see Win XP over local network

I know this problem has been tackled before, but until now I have yet to see a solution.

I have my XP SP3 machine and my other Win 7 Pro desktop. The shared XP files are not displaying on the Win 7 machine.

I tried everything:

- Both on the same network with different computer names
- Both with the same workgroup
- Enabled "Everyone" permissions in the sharing properties
- Allowed file & printer sharing on both (along with network discovery, no passwords)
- Allowed full control over folders (users can change files)
- Installed service packs

I have a WD Live TV entertainment unit hooked up on the same network and it can stream both the XP and Win 7 shared folders. The Win 7 can see the WDTV but it's virtually impossible to see the XP computer.

Anyone actually managed to view their XP shared folders on their Win 7 machine?
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  1. Thanks Emerald. I checked this sticky before I posted the question.

    After several trials since my last post, I found the one thing that works. Type the machine's IP address in Explorer. This was the only way to manually access the XP machine. But it doesn't show in Network even after using Cisco Network Magic (which a lot of people recommended).

    Anyway, manual or not, at least I got access. Thanks.
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