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I am very un-savy when it comes to computers. So I need to find out how to get my computers out of windows audit mode. Been this way since Oct. 2011, and it makes life he**! Can't set up router networking, and very limited on permissions, since I am no longer the administrator, but don't know who is?!?! Won't even let me use my printer when i hook it up, because I don't have the permissions to use "network" printer. How did it become a network printer? thanks for any advice! Also many apps say I have vista or other versions of windows rather than Win 7. Also hate constant snooping and changing of my file through remote "anonymous logon", etc.
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  1. If it's your own system then you should be the administrator by default, do you only have a single account on the system? Cause you might be logged in under an account that does not allow full control.
  2. I do have a user account that is supposedly under the "Administrator" category. It seems that whoever is controlling the audit, is higher up in the "Administrator" category. The audit is set up under a Group Policy setting in MMC, that give access to my computers with special security privilege, so they can access my computers even though I have passwords, and have checked "no remote access" in system settings. Apparently I'm doing something that must go against protocol,because after each system restore or re-install, it's not long until my privileges start diminishing! After awhile, my DVD/CD player won't run any software that may help cleanup the system, my ability to connect to my cable internet is cut off, and nothing I try will fix it. I soon end up doing a re-install, and the whole game starts over. I have searched through alot of posts and websites, including Microsoft, and find plenty of info about auditing, and how companies use it to track issues, but I'm just a private home user. I am put in a "workstation" network, and find that on the system description, I have the Windows 7 Professional version, even though I purchased Home Premium. So I want to know who is auditing me and why, because all of my software is licensed and registered correctly, and I don't do anything online or otherwise that should warrent this monitoring and limited permissions on own devices! When I've call Microsoft, they act like I'm an idiot, and they've never heard of auditing.
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