Cables/Plugs on audigy and others

Can someone tell me what kind of plug adapter I need to use the digital out on Audigy or other soundcards and what I'll be able to plug into.

second question, coaxial digital out, Is this a special RCA cable or will any do? I've ripped apart a few rca cables before and if I remember correctly they all seem to be 'coaxial'


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  1. Using a digital output to what?

    Digital output cable is not an RCA plug.

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  2. the digital out is usually for connecting digital speakers,the coaxial digital out can be used to hook to a home theater receiver. probally find them at radio shack.
  3. Those were 2 different quations Prisoner. I know the digital out I mentioned in the first question is not an RCA I mentioned in the second.

    The digital out on the Audigy I want to connect it to my reciever. THe reciever supports Optical and Coaxial, Is there a way to connect the sound card to the reciver using those ports?

    The second question, Will most RCA wires suffice for the coaxial? I know I can buy a RCA cable that says its for coaxial. But I feel it may be a gimmic (like USB2 Wires).


  4. yes to the first question,not sure on the may have to use a SPDIF/COAXIAL cable.creative sells all the cables seperatly on their website under audigy/accessories.
  5. Sorry about my response, I was not sure what you were asking.

    Like the other poster said yes you can connent to a home stereo. That is what I do.

    On the second question, you can go to a Radio Shack and buy a coaxial cable. Also to see if it works, I tried using a regular RCA cable in my coaxial and it did not work.

    I have a question for you, I have not checked out the Audigy 2 yet, does it have an optical output? If it does, you could use that also to hook up to your home stereo.

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  6. thanks for the answer (And thanks for trying the coaxial/RCA thing.) All I know of the Audigy 2 is what I read on THG. From the article it doesn't appear to have optical, except on the Drive Bay.

    THanks again.

  7. I could be wrong but I don't think it's possible to use the Digital (1/8" mini jack) out as a single connection from the Audigy to a home theater system.
    I used a normal RCA cable, monster audio cable to be exact, to connect my PC to my Yamaha receiver via the SPDIF output of the Live Drive. I also tried an optical connection via the Live drive. Both configurations should give you DD 5.1 in DVDs but only 2 channel stereo in can use your receiver's Pro Logic setting to get sound from all of your speakers but will not be 3D.
    If you want 3d sound in games then use (3) stereo RCA to mini jack connectors. Connect them to the 6ch input of your receiver. (If your receiver has it...there should be 6 inputs on the back of your receiver: 2 for L/R front, 2 for L/R rear surround, 1 for center and 1 for the sub) The Digital out on the Audigy is used for the center and sub channels in this set up. The sound will be analog but in 3D. I ran into one problem with this setup...all 5 speakers worked fine except for the sub, never seemed to pick up any signal :/
    I did all this with the Audigy, I got an Audigy 2 not too long ago so I will see if they fixed the sub issue...I'm hoping someone else ran into this?

    Anyways, hope this helps somewhat.
  8. I have been on the same quest in utilizing the 3.5mm, four pole digital output to my receiver (Onkyo TXDS797b) which has 3 coaxial inputs (composite RCA type) and 3 optical inputs as digital inputs. My SBs analog outs are occupied for my desktop use so for about 2 months I have been hoping to find a 15' digital coax cable with the 3.5mm 4 pole jack out to one of the coaxial inputs for the receiver. I guess we SBLive users would have to purchase the additional daughter board to digitally hook up this card to a stellar receiver such as mine. Creative claims that if it is possible to use this jack to your receiver, the quality would not be as you would expect. What do you all think?

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  9. As an Audiopile running long cables is not a good thing, but for computer sound it might be fine.

    I think Monster cable makes a 12 meter cable. If you can hook it up, the quality should be fine. The longer the cable,it can reduce the quality. Monster is pretty good, so for computer sounds it should be fine.

    For a receiver, the Onkyo is not bad. Check out Radio Shack to see if they have a 15 foot coax.

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  10. It's a regular RCA cable, but the quality has to be very high in order not to loose the digital signal. That is why they sell those expensive all copper cables for it.

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