Is it possible to connect old Linksys wireless router and new Apple Airport Expr

Hello! I've just replaced my very old Linksys router with an Airport Express. Everything's working well except that my even older iBook G3 cannot connect wirelessly to the new router, even though it worked fine with the Linksys. (Apple confirmed that the iBook and the Airport Express are not compatible.) I'm wondering if it's possible to hook the Linksys back up in some way so that the iBook can be on the system? Thanks much!
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  2. Thanks for that link! I'm not techie enough to be able to follow most of the instructions on that page, and I have a Mac whereas those instructions seem to be for a PC, but I simply connected the old Linksys router to the new Airport Express router, and my old laptop picked up the signal and is able to connect to the Web again. Nothing else seems to have been disrupted in the process, though I didn't change IP addresses or anything else. Not sure what other effects (security, etc.) it may have, but at least all of my computers are now on the internet! I appreciate the advice.
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