Pass through of Web authentication to a bridge/WAP

Pass through of Web authentication to a bridge/WAP.

I wanna know how to setup a wireless access point/bridge so as to use in a apartment complex that uses web authentication.

For example. The whole network is wireless in my locale, I connect through it with a wireless card I have installed in my PC.

Well the only place that my wireless picks up well is in my closet. It also has web authentication. So it is in a sense a "unsecured network" that uses a username and password combination page located at Once you authenticate there you have internet access.

I have been looking and looking at manuals of different models of AP and Bridge on the web and I can not find one that talks about passing this kind of authentication through.

I want to be able to connect to my access point without having to web authenticate. I would like to access the AP by means of a WPA-2 key. I want the AP to authenticate for me so that way I can connect things like my xbox to the wireless signal being broadcasted by the AP/Bridge that has already authenticated using my credentials that I give it at

I believe this is very possible I am just having a hard time finding it!
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  1. you could try the DD-WRT wikis to see if that firmware can do it. Or at least you could ask on their forum.

    I do not know of any router that will have the option to address a specific port for authentication.
  2. If I read this right you want a wireless connection to a remote site and also wireless to devices in your house. This is normally call a repeater.

    What you are asking for I doubt a standard repeater can work.

    I am going to bet since it uses web authentication it some form of hotspot authentication.

    Now what I am going to suggests in effect is a security violation but anyone that thinks a IP address means a unique person/device is fooling themselves.

    First you get a bridge (or a router in bridge/client mode). This only does the wireless part. You should be able to plug a ethernet cable in and have it prompt for a password.

    Next you place a wireless router behind it and connect the WAN port to the bridge.

    All your machines will associate with your router and use your wireless security. You then first open a internet session with your PC which will cause a intercept web page for you to log into. Since you are running NAT this will open a hole for any device on your router. How often you must go back to the PC to re authenticate will depend. It is unlikely you can 100% automate it so you would not have to log in manually.
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