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XP computer has two network connections to two independent networks. Each network has router and cable modem to the Internet.
How can this XP computer be switched between the two networks.
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  1. Change the binding order of the adapters to change between networks for your Internet connection like THIS.
  2. Thank you. I will give that a try
  3. How do you want to swtch between networks and how often ? Is this an office computer with two internet connections that you need to switch during the day ?
    If this is your situation and you want to be switching back and forth then you would go into the adaptors page of the computer and enable and disable the adapters. In the adapters page you will have Lan 1 and Lan 2 so if your on one and you want to go to two then disable one and enable two.
  4. Thanks for your suggesion.
    I should have provided more information: I do volunteer IT work for a non-profit that has two totally separate networks, each with its own cable modem/router. I use Logmein to monitor the PCs. For Logmein to use WOL at least one PC on a network must be on. PC1 on Lan1 is always on. I wanted to shift PC1 to Lan2 if all computers on Lan2 are powered off after a power interuption.
    I think remote adaptor enable should work
    thanks again
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