Why are Windows 7 Wifi file transfers faster than in XP?


Please could someone share an option on the following...

I have a couple of pc's between which I transfer video files using Wifi, one is a laptop running XP and the other is a media centre which *was* running Windows 7.

The laptop is connected to an N router using an ethernet cable to increase speed and because they are located next to each other, and the media center which is on another floor of the house uses a Wifi connection to the router.

The file transfers between the pc's used to run at about 70Mbits/sec which I was happy with.

However due to problems with the media centre, I recently downgraded that pc to XP since I get much smoother HD video playback from XP MCE.

But... since these changes the transfer speed has now halved to about 35 Mbits!

Remember all the pc and network hardware is the same, the only change is to the operating system on the media centre pc.

At first I though maybe the different XP drivers for the network card on the media centre might be rubbish, so I changed the network card altogether, but the speed has remained the same.

I have also stripped the networking configurations down to the minimum to reduce overheads, so have removed QOS and unnecessary file and print sharing etc. But none of this has helped.

Am I missing something in the XP network configuration that might correct this problem, or is it simply the case that Windows 7 Wifi is just that much improved and faster than XP?

Thanks for your comments...
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  1. Was 7 64 bit or 32 bit.Is XP 32 or 64 bit.

    The only networking service difference present in 32 bit and 64 bit windows versions is the response rate that is faster in 64 bit windows , due the higher bit rates and greater throughput rates.
  2. Thanks for your response, all the OS's used have been 32bit

    All the pc and network hardware is the same. Also the router is configured for an open network, so it can't be a difference in the way XP and Win7 handle encryption etc since there is none. :)
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