Friends having some problems,need your advice

Hey, so my friend has been having a problem downloading and installing things on his computer,most of his files by default are installing on his image back up drive which is only 40g, his main hard drive is 500g and has plenty of space. So when he tried to install a game like starcraft a prompt immediately comes up saying that there is not enough space on his hard drive. doesn't even give the option to pick the directory to install in. so we wanted to know how to get rid of the D drive. Also while looking at his 500G C: drive i saw strange files,i took a pic and wanted to know if these where viruses
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  1. To get rid of 'D'
    Back up any useful data on 'D' and format it.
    Download and install Easeus Partition Manager
    Launch Easeus
    ‘Go to Main Screen’
    Select the empty partition (‘D’for you)
    Click Delete
    You are left with ‘C’ and unallocated space.
    Simply place mouse cursor over the end of the C bar and slide it to the right until it is large enough for your requirements (See red arrow
    Click ‘OK’ then ‘Apply’
    OK the next screens, Windows will reboot and voila! you will have your new partitions…
  2. well if you wanted to free the disc space from D; and add it to C: assuming it is the same physical drive... you could also just go to the disk management tool and remove the drive letter. I'm guessing the image drive the OP mentioned has the system restore image or tools so probably best to save it.
  3. Don't think those file folders are anything to worry about, I've seen similar before, not sure what they are.
  4. they are from system updates
  5. As nhasian says, might be a good idea to keep 'D' and just expand it for game downloading. Can be done with EPM
  6. dodger46 said:
    As nhasian says, might be a good idea to keep 'D' and just expand it for game downloading. Can be done with EPM

    so how would i expand D?
  7. Should have a logical drive 'E'. Either clear it and delete it or reduce it's size and expand 'D' into the unallocated space.
    From your post I guess you only have 'C' and 'D'...don't understand why games are directed to 'D', however, on EPM main screen just highlight the drive you want to adjust ('C') and select 'Resize/move' from the menu bar, and simply move the slider to reduce the size of 'C' to, say, 120Gb, then 'OK' that. Select 'D' on the main window and slide to use all the unallocated space. 'OK' then 'Apply' Windows will restart and the changes will take place during the restart.
  8. nhasian said:
    they are from system updates

    Can't see them on my machine, but noticed on his: 'C' is listed as 'Windows(C)' whereas on my machines it's listed as 'Local Disk (C:) why the difference?
  9. Hi mentat3

    If your friend can not install on C: because the option is not offered then something is corrupt on his PC and this needs to be sorted out before anything else.

    (schedule chkdsk to run on c: and d: sometimes helps)

    How much free space on C: ? (if 500GB drive has more than 50GB free nothing to worry about)

    Most install programs will offer to install on same drive as Windows folder
    default is usually C:\program Files but give option of somewhere else.

    If Windows recovery files are stored on D: you do not want to get rid of this partition unless you have Windows recovery disks
    (usually 2 DVD's (4.7GB) or 1 DVD 9.4GB dual layer)

    occasionally small D: partition is located before main C: partition, other manufacturers split hard disk equally into C: & D:


    Mike Barnes
  10. A pic of 'Computer' or EPM main screen would help...
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