Windows 7 recovery cd for acer 5750 laptops

my laptop starts as it should but just after the Starting Windows page it goes black & won't load after that what could be the problem other then my kids touching it, please help?
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  1. When the system is powered on, tap the Alt and F10 keys together at the same time when the Acer splash screen appears.
    It should state "Please wait a moment..." with the Acer logo in the upper left hand corner.
    At the eRecovery Management menu it will ask you how to restore.
    Click on the restore option you would like to use.
  2. +1, when you get the system backup and running, don't forget to burn a set of recovery DVD's in case hddd fails, as acer will charge you $$$ for a replacement set.
  3. Also note, that if you do a restore to factory default setup, you'll lost your files on the system partition. So if you have important files there, you should try to get to those first.

    In that case you should try starting the system in Safe Mode (Press F8 during startup). If it works, you can save your files to another partition or rather to an external device, and then do the restore to factory default.
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