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I upgraded from 256mb of DDR ram to 1gb and my machines performance seems to have suffered. If I run a game then the framerate seems choppy/keeps stalling for several frames every second. I'm running with windows XP on an AMD 2400XP - is this a fault with windows or my hardware?

Any help, appreciated.
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  1. I'm Brazilian and would like of to help. I didn't understand your problem, Because I don't ignore (( choppy/keeps stalling)). If you can explain o problem of other way, i do could try help you. ;)

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    --> If have some writing mistake, sorry me, but it is just that I don't be very good in English yet. <-- And please correct me. ;)
  2. Hi there - let me choose an example: When I was running 256mb od DDR 2100 ram I ran a game with a smooth 40 FPS framerate. Since I upgraded to 1gb of DDR2700 the game still runs at 40FPS but, is no longer smooth. What I mean is that each second, the display seems to stall/lock. I've since heard that this kind of artifact can be attributed to memory paging or the virtual memory manager.
    With this in mind I checked the memory statistics for windows XP and in this example I am not using any VM at all (I have around 768mb of RAM available).
  3. I'm using win xp
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