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Hi everyone,

Sorry to be an idiot, but I'm not sure how to do this:

I have a USB dongle with an XP laptop that connects via 3G (cellular) to the internet. I would like to then connect that laptop to a router so that other devices (my wife's laptop and my son's iPad, for example) can connect to the internet at the same time; basically, I'd like to share the connection between multiple devices using the router.

How would I do this?

Thanks in advance,
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    Attach the router to the laptop with the wireless dongle using an Ethernet cable. Allow the laptop to connect automatically to the router gateway and have the router assign dynamic DHCP addresses. At the laptop you will need to open the network control panel and bridge the two adapters, highlight both and right click and select bridge connection. Now the laptop will share the wireless Internet with the second subnet attached to the router, which can then allow phones/computers/tablets to use the bridged wireless Internet.

    The laptop must remain on for the bridge to work.
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  3. Awesome. That worked. Thanks so much..
  4. You bet, enjoy!
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