Live Wallpaper for Lock Screen?

so, we all know all know you can have moving wallpaper for your desktop, but what about live wallpaper?

I know that tweaks login lets you change the picture, but what about live wallpaper!!


i have windows 7 64 but ultimate
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  1. whats the difference between moving wallpaper and live wallpaper ?

    edit--never mind i think i see what you mean--video on the log in screen or locked desktop

    dont think so--if anyone does software to do it try stardock
  2. I dont believe you will be able to, the "tweaks" that you speak off are a registry entry to allow OEM's to customixe the ligon screen. Windows doesnt support anything other than the standard image format. There may be a third party solution but it seems to me that having a video or animation playing in the background when your PC was locked would be an unnecessary use of resources.
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