I want to divide my ip addresses.

My isp has dynamic ip address and is connected to router and then goes to dlink network switch which connects my 6 systems to the internet. All my systems show same ip address which is the public ip and I google shows unusual traffic from this ip. I want my computers to have different ip addresses and the public isp ip address should hide and only my system ip should be displayed.

I tried to configure the network properties ipv4 but it still displays isp ip address.
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  1. Right. This is known as NAT, which is short for Network Address Translation. There are protocols set in place so that each computer within a network doesn't have a unique public IP address, and so an attacker can't easily isolate any one computer on your network.

    Within your network though, your router issues each of your computers a unique IP address, but that's only within your network. Once it leaves your network and goes to your ISP, the IP address is translated to a single public IP and then sent to whatever site you're trying to connect to.

    Now, you could set up to where each computer has their own dedicated internet connection and modem, and that would give each computer a unique public IP, but that'd be very difficult to manage and extremely expensive.

    Anything short of that and I don't think it's possible to have unique public IP's for each computer within a network.
  2. But when we are searching on google. Google blocks us asking for a captcha! That is annoying, it says unusual traffic from your ip. Please can you tell me if it is possible through subnetting?
  3. We dont have malware on our network. It is just that all my employees are searching on google and it shows one isp ip address for all the systems. And that is the reason google things they are automated queries. I just want to display my computer ip address and not the isp configured ip address. Please find me a solution
  4. Subnetting only applies to within your network. Once it leaves your network and goes to your ISP, your public IP is used. I'm sorry but there's no way around that.
  5. anyways! No solutions then what do I do? Buy seperate connections for each computer? How do large companies manage?
  6. You need to get a business account. Most ISP's business acoounts come with 4 or more static IP addresses. Your router will need configured appropriately. Assign one address to your computer. You can then NAT the remaining addresses if needed.
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