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Our office currently has a 10/100 48 port switch that has 2 gigabit ports. Currently the Gigabit ports are unused, would it be a good idea/ improve performance on the network if our 2 servers were connnected to the gigabit ports instead of the 10/100 ports? let me know if you would like more info

Thanks for your help.
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  1. It depends on the utilization of the current ports. If you are only using less than half say 50m it will make no difference. If you have high utilization say 80-90m then it may help a bit because you will get some tiny amount of packet loss.

    In general I would suspect you will see little improvement unless you are experiencing problems already.
  2. Just as bill001g stated, I wouldn't expect much of an improvement, if any.
  3. brilliant, thanks for that.
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