losing hard drive space

Hi, not sure which category this question belongs to?
I'm even embarrased to say what system I'm still using lol
anyway, I'm running WinME, Norton AV, got 128mb, 20gb hd partitioned running on a P200, yes you read it right lol
my question, for months now, something is eating away at my HD space, once in a while i get some space back, but I had almost 3gb free on my C: drive which has dwindled down to about 330mb "help". The system, if I must say has slowed down considerably, hanging up and all that good stuff :(
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  1. Three easy things to do:

    Make sure your recycle bin is not full.

    The other thing is goto your windows temp files and delete the files.

    You can also run the Norton system and goto the Cleansweep section.

    See how much space that frees up, if not alot then you need to start deleting some files. It could be Windows ME is the problem too, I have never used it but heard it is a terrible

    Oops, just noticed you have just Norton AV not Norton systems works. Try purchasing last years Norton Systems work, it will clear out some files and other badies that might be slowing sown your computer.

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  2. WinME System Restore has been known to eat up tremendous amounts of disk space ... I'd suggest that you disable it and see if you can reclaim the missing space.

    <A HREF="http://www.brookers.co.nz/SUPPORT/CD-Rom/Me System Restore.htm" target="_new">How to disable or enable Windows Me System Restore</A>


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  3. Thanks Prisoner for responding, I tried all that and then some. Like everyweek, everytime I clean unwanted applications, the free space I acquire starts disappearing in days.
    Thanks Toey, I never tried disabling system restore, I will try that, have nothing to loose.. I think lol
    thank you
    happy new year to you both
  4. Yes, I think your drive is full of system restore points.

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