Help me choose which speakers to get

Well it comes to three choices and I would like to hear your opinion before I choose which speakers to buy.

Here are the three choices

Altec Lansing 251 5.1 Amplified 6-Piece Speaker System 90 Watts

Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 5200 75 Watts

Logitech Z640 5.1 Speaker 70 Watts

I'm leaning more towards the Inspire 5.1. Thanks!
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  1. Well, I've got the Logitech Z540 speakers (4.1 system) and I'm pretty satisfied with 'em, though its only 40 watts RMS. For the price, they're nice. But on the other hand, Altec Lansing makes excellent speakers, and I can tell you that side by side, you might save money on the Logitechs (and yeah, i know the Creatives are more expensive, but they're not better), the Altec Lansing wins my vote any day.

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  2. I have Klipsch 4.1, thats 400 Watts of Acoustic Power. Can't top the quality uless you rig some 800 Watt Home entertainment system to you computer. Although, you can't top the price either, $215. Anyhow, I suggest watever system you think sounds the best. They should all be at a pretty similar price, remember to carefully listen to how well it can cross over from deep bass to midrange to high range, to too much or too little bass is a sign of a poor sound system. Also, you should be able to easily depict indivitual sounds or instruments in a game or song. Generally the higher the watts, the clearer the sound, but it that is not always the case. One last thought, Good speakers don't make good sound unless you have a good sound card and visa versa. Think of it in terms of a team, all the members need to work togather well in order to be the best.
  3. Without hesitation go with the Altecs.

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  4. Total wattage is not a good way to judge a sound system. Look at RMS not total wattage. The Thing is correct in saying that you should listen to it before you buy. If you like the sound buy it. Boomy type base is generally not good sign of good speakers. Good speakers will have an accurate sound, not over balanced.

    The Thing made a good point too about the postion of sounds in a game or music.

    For example, I have some very effcient home speakers that sound well using 1-10 watts hooked up to 200 watt amps. Most of the time speakers only use a few watts but can use the watts when needed for certain sounds. I use the home speakers for various reason; I have lots of them and no reason to buy computer speakers, some which sound pretty good.

    The Kilpsch 5.1 Promedia and Cambridge Soundworks 510D have good sound and volume. I like the addition of a center channel.

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  5. got my first pair of Klipsch promedia 2.1's , and since then it's been nothing but Klipsch... these are incredible speakers... the 2.1's were great and soon i will be upgrading to the 4.1's.. these are just not comon Computer Speakers.. they are like a HOME theatre!

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  6. I also like my Klipsch speaker a lot.
  7. Klipsch Pro medias are good speakers, but you have not seen my home theater speakers or my speakers for music! Try a really good subwoofer like a Hsu( a brand of subwoofer) with a good amp. Talk about scaring neighbours, small children, cats and dogs!

    For the price, their are some decent computer speakers.

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