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Multiple Offices

January 16, 2013 5:02:31 PM

Hello, I am currently working as the IT for this clinic and 9 other clinics as well. We are all networked in together despite being miles apart from one another. We currently have an older computer running XP as a file server, so certain files can be accessed and updated from any of these clinics. The problem is, that there can only be 20 users accessing it at once. We have grown just in the short time I have been here. This computer was setup before I was hired on. We are now in need another computer to give us the same functions. Most of our computers now are on Windows 7 64bit. There are still plenty Xp computers as well. I am wondering how to get a Windows 7 computer to host files in the same way. I can get it to where this entire building can access this folder but none of the other clinics can. Are ip setup is like this. 192.168.1.x---192.168.10.x The second to last digit represents the office. There will be 10 offices in all that will need access. Any ideas how to make it so all offices can reach this folder?

P.S. I can dig up an Xp computer if it will be easier.

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