I just read the review of 21 power supplies and it has me wondering. I bought a house brand "600 Watt" supply at COMP-USA a few days back. Does anyone know what brand their power supplies actually are? And whether they live up to their specs?
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  1. Generally the (House brand power supplys don't live up to their specs). Even some of the major name brand PS's aren't capeable of what they claim. Tom tested all the major name brands, he recommended the Verax FSP300-60ATV, Frotron FSP and the Herolchi HEC-300LR-PT. If you are aren't sure weather or not you PS can handle what it is rated at, try not to put to many devices in you comp. If you are an overclocker, I suggest at least a 400 Watt Buffered PS. They are expensive, but they allow for stability while overclocking.
  2. It's probably a 350W continuous, 600W PEEK power supply. Which would put it in the league of 400-450W name brand power supplies, minus things like thermal protection and high capacity noise filters.

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