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Hi, I am looking at upgrading the networking in the house in hopes of improving my gaming experience. I have three others in the household that have at least 2 devices apiece. One is a blatant bandwidth hog, the other two are casual users at best and I am a gamer. We have a Linksys WRT54GL that I can only guess had to be the first one ever made. I've been looking at three different dual band gigabit routers; the Asus RT-N66U, The Asus RT-N56U and The Cisco Linksys EA4200.

The Asus Dark Knight RT-N66U of course would be my first choice. Pricey

Then the Asus RT-N56U

And just as I had made up my mind that it would be a choice between the two Asus I see this deal on a re-certified Cisco Linksys EA 4200 v1

Which seems like the best deal price for performance. All three have strong points and weaknesses so if anyone with experience with either of the three could make recommendations I'd appreciate the advice.
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    I currently have the Linksys E4200 and I think it's a very good router with a very easy software menu. One of the features in the settings is the QoS setting and you should find this particular setting very interesting as you can set priority on certian devices that are connected to the router. (low,medium and high). You can also set game priority by adding your game to the list so over all you would be getting what you want all around. Faster transfer speeds and control over bandwidth. The wireless security is also very good with several types to choose from. (WPA,WEP and WPA2)
    I've not had the Asus routers so I can't speak to what they have but as of late I have been noticing more and more that Asus is making routers that seem to be at the top along with Linksys and Netgear.
    I do like the antenna set up of the Asus RT-N56U as you can swap ouit antenna for higher signal strength ones if your not getting service in certian spots in your home.
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  3. Thanks for your input inzone, both the Cisco Linksys E4200 & 4200v2 refurbished are going for under $80.00 shipped from Cisco and look to be very good hardware choices at that price but I opted for the Asus RT-N56U. I found it open box new for $87.00, I also got the Asus USB N66 wireless adapter open box for $47.00 to replace my TP-Link WN822N wireless adapter I currently use.
  4. That's quite an unusual wireless adapter , kind of like a remote antenna. You'll have top post back on how it works for you , I'd like to hear how it performs.
  5. In the end I got both the Asus RT-N56U and the Linksys E4200. The Linksys because I can use third party firmware and it was a good deal. I know one thing for sure, my gaming sessions in the future won't be ruined by the bandwidth banditos anymore.

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