Network problems, please help.

Ok here's the deal, I've got this network partially set up, I can ping both machines fine, I just can't see them in network neighbourhood, or share my internet connection.

2 PCs, both with new D-link NICs.

One new 5 way hub connected to the 2 PCs with regular cat5 cable.

TCP/IP installed on both machines.

My main machine is also connected to the internet via cable modem (hooked up to a Realtek NIC).

I've specified the IPs on both machines as being and, both with a subnet of

Main machine is named PC1, and the second machine is named PC2, they both have the same workgroup which I have set to "Home".

If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated, I'm getting mighty frustrated here.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. have you enabled file sharing on the pc's? sounds like you are almost there, you can ping so the physical connection and the tcp is set right. on win 9x it sometimes takes AGES to show in nelly neighborhood, try going to start, search, computer, and enter it in the format \\computername

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  2. Ok I've been informed of the problem. ZoneAlarm was causing grief. However now I have the issue of setting up my second machine to access the internet through my cable modem setup on my primary machine. Home Networking Wizard on ME doesn't seem to want to let me get it working. Any suggestions pls?
  3. ICS, comes free with windaz 9x :) or install a 3rd party proxy

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  4. You could get W2k? :)

    Do you have ME on both computers?

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  5. Yes, I'm running ME on both machines, I've got it all hooked up using Winproxy now, and I can download files and access the internet fine, problem I am getting now is that whenever I try to log into any online game, I can only get them to connect on my main comp, the other seems to time out, like its not getting enough of the bandwith or something. :(
  6. I've not used winproxy but thats probably the problem, most proxies will give this - they allow port 80, 8080 etc but anything more than this may struggle, you could look at microsofts proxy2, I believe this will work.

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  7. does the cable modem have a network port? if so it would probably be the easiest solution to use a router with NAT it would serve as a firewall and use full bandwidth on both PC's. Also you wouldnt need one machine to be on for the other to be online. if you can spring for under 100 bucks a router would be the best way to go.
  8. That's what I've decided to do, I ordered a Netgear RT314 Cable router yesterday, should be arriving today. While I was at it I ordered a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro, and an optical Intellimouse. Funny how you normally end up buying things you never intended to originally. :)
  9. Quote:
    Funny how you normally end up buying things you never intended to originally

    yep it is, I went out to buy a 30g gig drive, came back with a 40, 256 of corsair ram, an avm switch, a hub and a big credit card bill- but THEY WERE GOOD VALUE !!!!!, or thats what I tell myself :)

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