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How to copy data from a unreadable flash drive


do you know where I could go with unreadable flash drive to have my data recovered?
nothing I have found online worked, it does show anything on the screen
I'm willing to pay for, coz there's valuable data on there
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  1. Does your computer recognize the drive at all when plugged in?

    Have you tried to open on another system? Same results?
  2. I agree with COL, try different computers and different OS's to see if you can access it. If you have a mac if it mounts go to disk utilities and see if the volume will repair.
  3. Basically there are drive formats and stuff.
    NTFS which works for windows = test by plugging into a windows comp
    MS-DOS = which works for both mac and windows
    and then theres another one but i can't remember but it only works for mac.
    just try plugging it in to a windows comp and a mac and see if anything shows up
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    MS-DOS is not a format, you meant to say FAT or FAT32, those were the file systems used by MS-DOS. If the USB drive is formatted for OS X, it is likely in the HFS+ file system and can be repaired as roagie suggested.

    If the Mac Disk Utility can't see the filesystem, that could indicate a NTFS device, but a quick check on a PC can confirm that.

    If tvice can't be recognized by either a Mac or a PC, the device is likely defective.
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