Why will Windows XP not install on my system?

Ok here is the story, I bought windows xp pro full version and I tried to upgrade my current system win 98se. After I install all the proper files and it reboots it goes to a black screen, and it will not return back to the setup. I tried everything, I even sat on the phone with windows tech for a few hours and they cannot figure it out. The one thing they did figure out is that my current motherboard (abit kt7a) I guess is not on the compatibility list for windows xp. My question is to you guys, what do you guys think of the Giga-Byte GA-7ZXE motherboard?

I tried to go to abits website to get updated drivers for windows xp but they do not have any. Do you guys think this would halt the install of XP on my machine?

Oh yeah here is my pc setup:

Athlon 1.2 gig
512mb pc133 sdram
Jaton Geforce 2 64mb
10gig hdd (buying a new one tomorrow)
sb live
creative 52x cd drive
hp surestore 7200series cd burner
broadband (roadrunner)


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  1. There's an intel spy inside Microsoft see...That spy, he's a mean guy. He bugged XP so it couldn't see AMD.

    Oh dear lord i'm scarring myself now.

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  2. look for an updated bios for the board. sometimes that will fix compatibility issues.
    make sure it is a bios date AFTER winxp was released.


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  3. I have a KT7A that runs flawlessly under WinXP.

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