No internet on new computer

hi there,
i bought a new computer last week, and have installed windows 7 and all the drivers. but, when i connect the lan cable to the computer, the computer still shows like it's disconnected' and the internet isn't working.
doe's anyone have any idea for a solution?

the computer specs:
intel pentium g640
asus p8h61-m lx mobo
2gb ram
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  1. hello
    1 - check if the computer have a fix IP ( if it's have remove it and turn it to "optain an IP Address automaticly "
    2 - check the lan cable by another computer
    3 - reinstall the driver of ethernet (lan)
  2. i tried everthing you said, it's still not working. i'v already had this problem with a different comuter (month ago), but i don't remember how i solved it
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