Realtek usb wireless wont work

Any answer would be great....I have Win XP and a linksys wireless g router. Bought a realtek usb wireless adapter for my box. Cannot get my box to make the adapter work. Installed it a dozen times using the mini-cd that came with it, plus a dozen times trying to download an updated driver from realtek directly. Used several variations of plugging in the usb connection before and after the "installation". Tried rebooting several times. At my wit's end.....about to toss the thing out the must be something simple that I have overlooked. I am no expert by any stretch, but I usually can muddle my way through with a little help. This one has me!

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  1. is the hardware recognized by the device manager?

    does the wireless network card show up under the network connections?

    can you see any wireless network near you?
  2. No not at all. Device mgr sees a device, but says it can't find any drivers for it. I do not see any wireless network....but it's fairly rural there may not be any.
  3. Adding insult to injury, my wife's Mac sees the wireless network just fine without the router is working.
  4. you need to install the drivers for the network card before you can find any wireless networks
  5. Okay, maybe I'm not understanding. I thought all I needed to hook up an older computer to a wireless network was a working wireless router(which I have) and a USB wireless adapter to receive the signal. (The adapter working as the network card-(wireless type)). Not correct?

    There is a network card in the box which I originally used when the box was hard wired. Are you saying I need to get the proper drivers for the internal network card in order for the usb adapter to operate?

    Sorry for being ignorant....and I do appreciate the feedback.

  6. no all that is for the wireless network card driver to be installed.

    there should be a wireless icon in the bottom right corner by the clock.

    what is the make and model of the wireless network card?
  7. I finally got the drivers to install. I can now connect wirelessly. I may have some sound issues, but it's a little early to tell yet. You were was a driver install issue.....and it just wasn't obvious to me how to get it accomplished.

    Thanks for your help, Emerald. I may be back to post another issue if I can't resolve the sound issue. But for now, you helped me fix the connection issue. Consider this thread "solved".
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