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I have decided that the cursor goes away when I'm in my webmail. Windows 7. I increased the contrast and increased the size and tried the Control Key tip. When it disappears, the control key lies about where the cursor is.
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  1. press control+alt+delete
    then cancel and do your work.
    check is this solves your problem.. it solved mine after 7-8 times of doing this..
  2. This didn't work for me. Got any other suggestions?
  3. ok. get me some details about your computer
    mouse make and model.
    what other software exhibit such behaviour
  4. I'm using the touch pad on my HP ProBook 4430.
  5. if u have an external mice try using that and report the pointer behaviour

    meanwhile am trying to reproduce problem similar to yours
  6. happens with the touch pad and the external microsoft mouse which is wired.
    To recreate, I am in webmail, typing a note and I try to use the arrow keys to back up in a line I have typed. The cursor looks like it is still at the end of the line but the arrow key has actually backed up my cursor. I can tell where it is by typing again. The insertion point has moved but the cursor (represented by a bar) is still at the end of the line.
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