Connecting 2wire att box to cisco e2500.?

I'd like to run a rj 45 cable to my room from my brother's room, which is like 20 ft away. I was wondering, what kind of cable do i need?( I do online gaming, BF3, school work, youtube). cat 5 vs cat 5e? and what's the deal with crosstalk cables? i read that u might want to purchase crosstalk cables when connecting modem to router? Thanks
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    You should use either CAT5e or CAT6, both a pretty cheap and will work the same.

    I think that you are referring to a crossover cable -- it is a different wire connect pattern on one end from the other for connecting older devices without a router. You do NOT want a crossover cable, just a regular patch cable. Amazon, Newegg and others have 25-100ft cables for around $10 and all of those lengths will perform equally well..
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