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Sony notebook with HD AMD6630 M. HDMI port not giving signal to TV. When I rollback the Intel Gaphics driver the HDMI signal comes alive but then goes dead after reboot. I have been trying to solve this for 2 weeks without success. Please help
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  1. sounds like a driver issue. have you tried downloading the latest video drivers from the manufacturer?
  2. Yes a number of times over 4 days and the best result I can get is explained above.
    I agree that it is a driver issue, as my investigations have all lead me back to this. I have determined that it is not a hardware issue, but solving the driver issue is the problem
  3. I have a workaround which reactivates it but not really a satisfactory solution. By dissabling the graphics card through device manager and then immediately reenabling it it brings the HDMI signal alive but only for the current session. Also it intermittently stops then retarts during the session which does become annoying
  4. I had something similar, ie HDMI issues to an external monitor, on an Acer Aspire 4830T with onboard Intel graphics.
    A VGA connector worked great in Win8, but I usually use Win7 but I had switched boots to see if a Win driver was the problem, and it didn't fix it.

    However, I went to the Acer site and download the newest BIOS (1.05) and FLASHED it, but it was the same version number as the current Bios, but re-flashing the same version seemed to have fixed the issue!
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