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Hi, my laptop on win 8 x64 locks up from time to time, for 1-2 minutes. When it locks up/hangs, i can move the mouse, and occasionally i can get 3 clicks/presses in before it completely hangs and won't register anything else. After the 1-2 minutes, it returns to normal and everything i clicked/pressed in that time will go through, as if it's just delayed (for example, when it freezes, i press the keys to open task manager, but it won't open until 2 minutes later when the hangup ends)
. The CPU spikes when this happens and in the task manager, the "up time" will freeze until time "starts" again. When I'm watching videos and it does this, the video and audio just loops the 2 sec it's stuck on. I've tried formatting the hard drive and replacing the hard drive, but still have the issue, so think it's not a hdd issue. If anyone has any clues, would be most appreciated!
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  1. I had that problem with the preview version and after I've installed the chipset drivers (from the official website for win 7) it worked fine
    (give it a try, maybe it does the trick for you)
  2. You'll want to ensure you've updated your Motherboard, Chipset, and any other internal hardware. Then you'll want to load your Windows Updates to ensure everything is up to date.

    If all of that has been done, load the command prompt as an administrator. Then type the following:

    sfc /scannow

    That will go through your Operating System and check for any inconsistencies.
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