Can a Verizon MI424WR wirelessly connect to a D-Link router?

I have Verizon FIOS operating through the MI424WR. I would like to install a surveillance cam in a building 100' from my house. Unfortunately I cannot run wire to the building so I was hoping to use a pair of unused D-Link routers to handle the communication. Is it possible to use one D-Link router as a "base" wired directly to the MI424WR and the other as a "remote" wired to the camera? If so, how do you suggest I configure them?

Is it possible to use a single "remote" D-Link router that communicates directly with the MI424WR? That would be the preferred set-up.

I am lost and appreciate any assistance you can give me.

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  1. Maybe depends on the model. It must have the feature to run in bridge and/or client mode. The one you wire to the verizon box would be "best" run in AP mode but would work in router mode.
  2. Thank you John. I appreciate you taking the time to answer this newbies question.

    Not to sound ungrateful but I was hoping for something a bit more model-specific. I checked the archives but could not find any info.

    With so many FIOS routers out there there just has to be another application similar to mine.

    Thanks again.

  3. No it is the dlinks that need the feature. From what you said I figured you were going to cable one of the dlinks to the verizon so that is supported since it is just a ethernet cable. It is the ability to run in bridge/client mode on the far one that is in question.

    You would really only need one dlink running in bridge/client mode and have it directly talk to your fios. I figure you might not be doing that because you dlinks did not support the proper encryption or you had forced the fios to run N only for a performance gain.
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