New Motherboard and now no one can connect to me?

I play a lot of computer games and generally I end up hosting the server for my friends.
A month or two back I had my PC die and just managed to fix it today with a new motherboard. I switched my Asus P8 P67 LE for a P8 Z77-V LX.
The motherboard seems to work fine and everything's going great except for the fact that suddenly no one can connect to any servers I host. I've been around the block and I understand port forwarding, so I know that's not my problem. We've tested on minecraft and the source engine, whenever I give someone my external IP (from and they try to connect to it their connection times out. I can connect to the server on localhost just fine, but when I try to connect to myself through the external IP (Which usually works fine in minecraft) even I timeout.
I installed the realtek drivers that came with the motherboard so I'm really not sure what's up. Everything worked fine before the switch. Any idea what's up?

Using a
Linksys E1550 router.
Asus P8 Z77-V LX motherboard (Previously P8 P67 LE).
I can get more information as needed.
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  1. I would go to the realtech web site and download the drivers directly from there just in case there is a corrupted or out dated driver on the disc.
    You should also do a hard reset of your network devices , a hard reset is turning off and unpluging all devices the starting with the modem plug it in first and let it lock signal then plug in the router and do the same then the computer.
    Any time you change a network adaptor or other device that has a mac address , the router, computer and or modem will hold the mac address that it's been connected to untill you power it down.
  2. Turns out it's the router. After unplugging everything and doing the hard reset I skipped plugging the router back in. PC to Modem hosts just fine. I have yet to try the router.
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