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Router experts, please recommend a router for me based on the following:

-home use
-fairly large house, 3 story house
-1 wired connection(PC)
-about 8 wireless connections (phones, Ipads, laptops, xbox, etc)
-not a baller but I am willing to invest some money into a really good router(so not trying to go super high-end, but I want above average performance)
-tomato and DDRWT(?) not required, I honestly don't really understand those firmwares

I think I need a router with 2 channels(not sure what that really does, but it seems like it is needed when you have many wireless connections). My current router is an older Linksys Wireless G router. The speed is decent but it drops connections frequently(only drops for a few seconds but that causes programs like Netflick on my ipad to restart).

Thanks in advance!

edit: one more thing, the location of the router won't be very central to the house, if that makes a difference. The router won't be placed in an ideal location. So I think I will need a "N" router.
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    There are many routers that you can choose from and the main thing is price and then the next is signal strength and features.
    Most wireless routers for the home will be under $200 and since there is a new type of router out now the N routers will be cheaper.

    This would be the high end and it has the new Ac band so it comes with a/g/b/n/Ac and can give wireless gigabit which is the highest you can get now. It also has three detacable antennas that will give you a lot of flexability and the option to add larger antennas to increase the coverage area and signasl strength. It won't increase the transfer speed just the signal strength.
    With a three story home you may end up needing a range extender as a wireless router can only do so much.

    Something like this will come in handy.

    If you don't want to make the move to the new type and want to stay with a good N router then these three will be good choices and you can go with either oif them since they are all very good.
    Most router now will come with two wireless bands , 2.4 ghz and 5.0 ghz along with an assortment of channels (1-11)
    Another device to consider instead of the wireless range extender is a wireless acess point which will also extend the coverage area. You can convert your current Linksys wireless router into an acess point device or you can buy one that has the N band.
  2. Thanks!
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  4. Your welcome. If you need further help be sure to come back and post your question.
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