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I am interested in joining the Inspire 6600 speakers with an Audigy 2 (non-Platinum) sound card as part of a PC-based Home Theater system. The system is planned for a room of 4m length, 3m width and 2.25m height. I have some questions about this whole thing:

1. Are the 6600 speakers powerful enough to produce adequate volume levels in the above room dimensions? (assuming that the satellites will be hung on walls of the room, and refering to DVD watching)

2. Can the speakers be mounted on walls? And can their facing angle be set?

3. If the cables included are too short, is there a possibility of self lengthening them? Or can longer cables be acquired?

My biggest problem is the existance of two screens the user will be facing: one is the TV screen (connected to the computer via graphics card), and the other is the computer screen. The two are set on perpendicular walls of the room and I can't move either.

Now, any way I setup the speakers will fit only one mode of viewing - either facing the computer or the TV - because each screen should have the front-central speaker set atop it. Even if I would decide to give the TV screen the front-central speaker, and the computer screen the rear-central speaker and manually switch the output cables on the subwoofer when going from one mode to another - I would end up hearing the rear-central speaker from the side because the two screens are on perpendicular walls.

4. The only thing I can think of is setting the system in 5.1 mode and manually switching the jacks as specified. Is this possible via software, or is there another way?

The satellits too need a shifting of the signals going into them when switching between modes. Again this switching isn't a simple front-to-rear or left-to-right, but what used to be the front-left now need to be the front-right, what used to be the front-right now need to be the rear-right, what used to be the rear-right now needs to be rear-left, and what used to the rear-left now needs to be the front-left.

5. I know this "clockwise shifting" of the speakers is possible by manually changing where the jacks plug into on the sub, can it be done via software?

Does anyone possibly know?
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  1. 1. Yes, that is a fairly small room so volume should be fine.

    2.Yes, you can mount them and set the angle. You can build a small shelf or even better get some brackets that allow you to move the speaker angles left and right and up and down. You will need to re-adjust the speakers when switching from computer to TV, otherwise the speakers will not be pointing in the right direction. The sound might be a little distant due to the spreading out of the speakers.

    3. You can lengthen the cables.

    How large is your computer monitor and how large is your TV?
    If you have a good size monitor 19" and up, you could also use your monitor for your TV.

    In terms of shifting of signals, I am not sure. The Audigy 2
    does have a surround sound mixer. Check out this link and then view the documentation.<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Have fun,

    The Prisoner

    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
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