Network with 2 routers

Just want to see if there is anything wrong with this setup. House is two floors. Trying to hard wire as much stuff as possible as well as get wifi on both floors for laptops and phones etc etc.

cable to cable modem to router to other router (dhcp turned off, same setup as other router in terms of network name)

first router in bottom floor, connected to main computer and server

second router upstairs with blu ray players, etc

The second router will be a d-link dir 628 that i currently have.

the first router will be one of these. Whichever would work well with the dlink and provide enough power to hit a large area as this house is pretty big



D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Router (DIR-655)

D-Link Xtreme N Dual-Band Gigabit Router (DIR-825)


Linksys EA4500

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  1. Two of the routers , the Netgear 6300 and the Asus RT-AC66U are the new Ac band routers and while they are G/N compatable to take advantage of the Ac band it will require new adapters fot any computers that you want to have use the Ac band.
    There's nothing wrong with getting these routers I just wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware of it.
    That being said the Netgear 6200 would also be a good choice to add to your list.

    The router that I might go with would be the Asus RT-AC66U and the reason for that is the antenna's are on the outside of the unit and you would have the option of changing to a bigger antenna to give more coverage area and a stronger signal.

    The Netgear 6200 would be the next choice because of the three Ac band routers that we're discussing it has the better feedback and is one more usb port and some additional bandwidth worth $35 more ? That would be your decision to make.
    The other N routers are now yesterdays technology and with building a new network with new equipment it's also your decision if you want to have some future proofing and have the flexability to have the Ac band available.

    Of the N routers on your list the Linksys EA4500 would be my choice , I have the E4200 and it's very easy to use and set up and has a good amount of features.
  2. AC band routers i would need to get an adapter for any computer that is using wireless signal? or do you mean even with ethernet plugin?

    Would that include all of the iphones, kindals, laptops as well that are using the wireless signal?
  3. what does anyone think of the d-link routers? good or pass over them.

    I am not too worried about future proofing. By the time I need to upgrade Ill be ready ot upgrade everything.
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