Bridging two routers to share internet connection

First off, I know basically NOTHING about networking.
What goes in this thread will pretty much be all I know, so sorry if I appear stupid at times.

Anyway, I got a new TV (LG 32LM620t) for my room.It's brilliant but the wireless adapter costs another £40. It has an Ethernet port at the back and I have connected that to an old, unused Sky router. The main router with internet access is downstairs.

I'm hoping to bridge the internet between the two routers so I can use the 'Smart' / internet apps on the TV without buying the adapter (very short on cash and it only accepts the LG one).

I can send files from my netbook to the TV, so for example I can stream a movie to the TV from the netbook, so the network is configured correctly at the moment.

I just want to bridge the connection between the two routers wirelessly so the TV can connect to the router in my room via the Ethernet cable with internet access and not have to switch my netbook between the two all the time.

Is this possible, and if so could I get an idiots guide?
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  1. Forgot to add: Sky router in my room is a BSkyB Netgear DG934G.

    The one downstairs I know not of the name, but it is NOT the awful Superhub.
  2. The Sky firmware does not support any WDS features that the underlying product firmware (the Netgear v3 model) has starting with FIRMWARE 4.01.28, updated later to 4.01.40.

    With the standard firmware flashed it *might* be possible to use it in a bridge mode with the modem disabled, but it would be an advanced project that I would not recommend for beginners as there is little documentation on the features available.

    If you get a good wireless signal up by the TV, you would be better off getting a router that is dd-wrt capable, flash the firmware, and set up a wireless bridge like THIS, and there is also a YouTube link with a how to video.
  3. If someone would take the time to help me do it I would be prepared to give it a go since the router is on basically no use past this, it's just an old one that has just sat there for 2 or so years and as long as it wont explode I'm prepared to stick some CFW on it. :)

    Will you help?
  4. Sorry, but I don't have enough documentation on the firmware release to guide you through the process, since I am not sitting in front of the unit.

    Nothing will blow up, but there is always the risk, as in any firmware update, that you will brick the unit. If you can sell it for anything and buy a used dd-wrt capable router it would be easier for you.
  5. Oh well, thanks anyway.

    Anyone else gonna volunteer? :(
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