I have just bought a new computer. When I installed Win2K, a blue screen with error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL has occurred. I have tried many times. Can anyone help me? The configuration is shown as the following:
1. Althon XP 1800+
2. ASUS A7V333
3. ASUS 24x/10x CDRW
4. GeForce 4 MX440
5. PC-2100 DDR 256M RAM

Thank you
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  2. how are you installing it? I had this problem a lot when installing from a 98 or dos boot disk, went away when I booted from the 2k cd or the 4 2k floppies.
    either way, remove ALL hardware except floppy,hdd,cd,ram,cpu,vid card and try then

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  3. Quote:

    Somewhere above or below that it should give a file name. If it does, post it for us, it's a clue as to what device is screwing you.
    Like it reads, this is a driver problem. Some piece of hardware is being used by drivers that will not work. Like said above, remove every piece of not vital hardware and boot again. Add your hardware one piece at a time until the crash occurs again.
    Have you installed the via 4-1 drivers yet? And the Nvidia? Anything's possible.
  4. I had the same error last week installing Win2K pro, and it ended up being the RAM - Win2K is REALLY picky about what kind of RAM goes with what motherboard, so see if you can't check that or swap out what you have in there now for some good stuff (Kingston or brand name) into that machine.

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