Crysis game download issues

i purchased the download version of the Crysis pc game from
the download went smoothly and the single player mode of the game played perfectly fine as well...

but from the start i wasnt able to change any options.. which wasnt a big deal really..
but once i got to the last level on the single player mode it crashed and thats when all the issues started...

from then on i was unable to load my save files.. it would freeze
so starting the single player game over on a different difficulty would be impossible...
unless i intended to play it non stop from start to finish...

so i decided to try and play the multi player game..
but that also froze and wouldnt work...

i would have to ctrl-alt+delete to get out of it and this message was always displayed:

" Crysis has stopped working"
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution

i uninstalled the game and installed it again.. but the problems continued
i contacted but never got a reply
and from another post i read to run it in windows xp sp2 coompatibility.. that didnt fix it

i dont know all that much about technical stuff but heres what i have:
AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor 2.5 ghz
windows 7 home premium 32bit
am using a nvidia geforce 9500gt graphic card
and have 3 gb ram

i understand that a lot of what i said was probably unnecessry
but whatev.. i like details i guess...

i would appreciate all suggestions and advice
and will be very grateful if you guys help me play the game again...
and possibly resolve future issues with other downloaded games

thanks to whoever reads this.
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  1. Tried reinstalling the game yet?
  2. mhmm.. yes i said that.. it didnt fix anything
  3. You're right... you did. I must have glazed over that part... my apologies.

    I've also had a few crashing issues with Crysis in the past. Check and make sure you're patched to version 1.2.1, tun off UAC (if it's not off already), and set the DEP attribute on the Crysis launcher. Any one of these 3 checks were able to resolve each instance in my case.
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