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I'm currently building an amd 2700+, 512 mb Corsair ram, Radeon 9700, LiteOn cdrw, floppy, A7VX8 mobo, SeaGate 60mb 7200 rpm HDD, and I have a 420w psu.

Anyhow, I was wondering with the connectors does it matter which line goes to what part? ,and Is it possible to put too much on one line, forsay a line from the psu goes to my floppy then to my vid card, then to my harddrive. Is that too much?
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  1. Wouldn't be a problem as the lines are made to carry several amps... and they all join once inside the PSU.

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  2. 420W should be fine, provided its not a super cheap generic (crap) PSU.

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  3. Could someone please take the time to give me a link/list of all the power supplu things I need to check before I hit the on button? Thanks
  4. If you mean things to make sure of when connecting everything, well, its not that hard. Everything fits where its supposed to go, so don't worry, you can't make a mistake. Just make sure to either unplug the powercord from the PSU (or turn off the rear switch) before plugging everything in, then go ahead a plug away (for an athlon board, you'll only use one of the motherboard plugs - the larger rectangular one by the way). Otherwise try and keep it all plugged "neatly" for convenience (and not to hinder airflow) using tie-wraps, split loom, heatshrink, spiral wrap, whatever ! If you've got more specific questions feel free to ask.

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