How to send messages on outlook using wifi

I am using a verizon wifi unit. I us outlook 2007. I can receive emails but I cannot send emails. How can I adjust the settings to send emails using my wifi?
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  1. When you try to send an email, what error message do you get?
  2. After clicking the outlook icon to enter outlook it constantly asks for my username and password though I input the correct information. It will do this even after I click cancel or ok. When trying to send an email it says preparing to send/receive but never sends. It will do this for as long as I let it. I have to hit cancel to stop this process. I have email through godaddy. I have been using this email and outlook since 2008 but once I started using wifi everything went crazy.
    I thank you for your time.
  3. I don't know if it's specifically wi-fi that's causing the problem. Maybe try re-installing outlook if you need it for work. Or if you don't need to use outlook, switch to thunderbird (1st) or windows live mail (2nd). From my experience, they are much easier to setup.
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